What is feminism? Is it just supporting equality of women rights? Is it just raising slogans against the exploitation of women by men? Is it just putting “feminist” badges on your shirts? Is it just speaking against the male-dominant societies? For me, it’s a NO.

A few days back, I saw a group of girls passing by another group of girls. Someone from the first group made fun of “dark skin” of a girl in the second group. This made me think and write about the rising slogan of feminism.
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Is feminism just protection of women rights against men? What about protection of women from other women? Why don’t we appreciate other girls putting all the envy aside?

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We as women, bully other women so much whether it’s their dark skin, short height, skinny body or light hair. We as women, steal other women photos and upload them as our own. We as women, leak other women’s secrets and expose them to humiliate them. We as women, use cheap tricks to ridicule other women.

After all this, we as women, raised slogans against men bullying us and we as women, cry over the men exploiting us. Talking about male dominance is equally important but this issue is becoming more important for us as a female society.

Girls, first of all, change your own attitude towards other girls. Learn to respect other girls only then you can expect another gender to respect you.


Note by J. makeup review


Hi guys! As I promised here I am with the review of my favorite Pakistani makeup brand. I love the note by J. makeup line overall as it is affordable and suites my sensitive skin very well.

Let’s look at the products one by one.

1. Luminous Moisturizing Foundation:


Medium to full coverage. It can be used as a moisturizer as well and leaves a lustrous look with a soft glow on skin.

2. Sunglow Foundation:


This one can do the job of a bronzer too. As it leaves a warm shimmer on your face. Just as you do with a highlighter- apply it in right directions and you are ready to go with a pretty sheen. Love the way it keeps the skin moisturized and non patchy.

3. Teracotta powder:

  •  Shade: Mocha Taste


I particularly use this one as a bronzer. Contours your face finely.

  • Shade: Stardust


This one’s basically a highlighter. Glows prefectly. Pretty shine I must say.

4. Mineral powder:


The BEST PRODUCT note has to offer. It is my holy grail powder since the day I got it. Leaves your skin smooth and patch free. I highly recommend this.

5. BB concealer:


It gives full coverage. Gets a little bit dry for my skin so I moisturize my skin with face serum first and it gets perfectly blended.

6. Lipsticks:


Truly pretty shades. They do not dry and are non-patchy. Their matte lip gloss range is also impressing. Do try these out too.

Final verdict: All of their products are pretty nice to use. You should definitely give it a try. I myself am looking forward to get hands on their mascara and eye liner.


What to do when you’re bored.

Bored? Don’t know what to do with these summer vacations? Here’s a list of adventures that might help you in slaying your vacations.

1. Learn a new language.

Don’t forget to practice heeh!


2. Have a picnic with friends.

Hanging out with friends is never a bad idea.

images (1)

3. Hike trip.

Mountains are always nice to change up your mind.

images (2)

4. Go camping.

Just like your best friend, nature is always welcoming.


5. Visit a farm.

Farm fresh mood for the win.images (4)

6. Have a bbq.

Articles like this may help you. Food is the best mood changer.

images (5)

7. Write/ draw/paint your feelings.

Art is the best expression of life. Keeping a journal is easy peasy.

images (11)

8. Go on a mini road trip.

Windows down, play your favorite songs and SOUND ON!!!!

images (7)

9. Take a walking tour to your own city.

Explore the parts of your city which you ignored being busy.

images (8)

10. Make a summer playlist.

Discovering new music can be healthy.


11. Cook/bake.

Told you food is everything whether you cook it or bake it, food never ditches you.

images (10)

12. Watch netflix series.

This might be your go-to time pass already but if you haven’t tried it you should definitely start with sitcoms to change your mood.


13. Try new apps on the app store.

This real fun. You get to learn alot of new tools and entertainment stuff everywhere.

images (13)

14. Re-organize your room.

This ones gonna make your momma happy besides you having fun in this.

images (14)

15. Create a fan account.

You’re gonna end up making alot of twin-fan-friends across the world.

images (15)

16. Experiment new makeup looks.

Sorry boys girls gon’ win this time because this is going to swish their boring mood instantly.

unnamed (1)

17. Make a bucket list.

Sketch your goals, your perfect future life and keep adding ticks to your dream-catcher.

images (12)

Doing all these with your friends is going to be ALOT of fun. Good luck for your summer vacations.

Hello World !


This is Aneeqa Abid from Pakistan. Just when I thought there was nobody I could rant in front of, the idea of creating this blog popped up in my mind. (teehee)


Here we shall be discussing everyyyyyything related to life. Be it self care, mental health, style and beauty, or your part in society, also, reviewing stuff and foooood is a must (ykwim).

Also also I’m a hobbyist photographer and artist so you’ll be seeing my work too.


All of us have dreams of doing something for our family and society, I believe we can do it by taking baby steps and never giving up.


Looking forward to alot of fun here, with all the positivity and good vibes only. Your suggestions and feedback is important.

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